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1 Physician s Scale Eye-Level Beam Scale Operation Instructions 8525-M063-O1 Rev M PO Box 151 Webb City, MO /15 Ph: Fax: Printed in USA Technical Support: Ph:


3 PHYSICIAN S EYE-LEVEL BEAM SCALE Thank you for purchasing our Physician s Eye-Level Beam Scale. It has been manufactured with quality and reliability at our factory in Webb City, MO USA. Your scale has been tested before leaving our factory to insure accuracy and dependability for years to come. This manual is provided to guide you through the operation of your scale. Please read it thoroughly before attempting to operate your scale and keep it handy for future reference. UNPACKING Remove the scale base, column and other components from the shipping carton. After removing from the carton, check for any damage that may have occurred during shipment. Keep and use the original carton and packing material for return shipment if it should become necessary. The purchaser is responsible for filing all claims for any damages or loss incurred during transit. Note that the Hardware Pack is shipped in the underside of the scale base. COPYRIGHT All rights reserved. Reproduction or use, without expressed written permission, of editorial or pictorial content, in any manner, is prohibited. No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained herein. DISCLAIMER While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual, the Seller assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from use of the information contained herein. All instructions and diagrams have been checked for accuracy and ease of application; however, success and safety in working with tools depend to a great extent upon the individual accuracy, skill and caution. For this reason the Seller is not able to guarantee the result of any procedure contained herein. Nor can they assume responsibility for any damage to property or injury to persons occasioned from the procedures. Persons engaging the procedures do so entirely at their own risk. WARNING ATTENDANT MUST ASSIST PATIENT ONTO AND OFF THE SCALE PLATFORM. NEVER LEAVE PATIENT UNATTENDED WHILE ON THE SCALE PLATFORM. FAILURE TO MAINTAIN CONTROL OF PATIENT AT ALL TIMES WHILE THEY ARE ON THE SCALE CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY TO PATIENT. 1

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5 4 Balance Screw Tornillo de la balanza Poises Pesas 5 Optional Hand Post Use the four #10-32 x 3/4 truss head screws and #10 split lock washers to attach the hand post to the platform base. Use cuatro tornillos #10-32 x 3/4 y abrazaderas #10 para fijar el soporte de manos a la base de la plataforma. plataforma. To balance scale, move both poises to zero (0) and turn balance screw to right or left until scale balances. For accurate weighing, place scale on level floor. Para poner la balanza en fiel, mover las dos pesas corredizas a cero (0) y girar el tornillo de la balanza hacia la derecha o izquierda hasta que la balanza quede equilibrada. Para pesadas exactas, colóquese la balanza en suelo a nivel. Screws and wheel bracket 6 Optional Wheels How to setup the Detecto Physician's scale with roller wheels. Use the two lower screws in the back of the column to attach the wheel bracket. Como arma la Detecto balanza para médicos con ruedas. Utilice los dos tornillos inferiores en la parte posterior de la columna para conectar el soporte de la rueda. 7 Optional Height Rod A = Read line B = Spoon C = Inner height rod D = Outer height rod E = Hex head screw F = Column G = Mounting bracket H = Height rod sits on top of the scale base Opcional Varilla Medidora A = Linea de lectura B = Cuchara C = Varilla medidora interna D = Varilla medidora externa E = Tornillos de cabezas hexagonales F = Columna G = Soporte H = La varilla medidora debe descansar sobre la base de la bascula como se ve en el dibujo G B D C E F H A Height Rod in rest position Varilla medidora en posicion de descanso

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7 REPLACEMENT PART IDENTIFICATION Item Part Part Name Req d 1 3P1001X Base Weldment X306-0A SS Base Weldment D244-0A Headpiece & Column Weldment D301-0A SS Headpiece & Column Weldment 1 3 3P2011X Platform Weldment 1 3P5011X Platform Weldment (handpost) 1 4 3P8068 Mat (removable) 1 3P9068 Mat (handpost) C106-1A Hand Post Assembly 1 6 3PHTROD-1 Measuring Rod Assy in/cm D475-1A 2391m Measuring Rod Assy 1 (1/4" & 1 mm increments) B Draft Rod for 3P Tall Column C369-0A Shelf Lever Assembly 3P 1 9 3P8002X Long Lever Assembly P8003X Short Lever Assembly B220-0A Beam 400 lb B227-1A Beam 180 kg B226-0A Beam 400 lb/175 kg B327-0A Beam 180 kg x 50 g P60 Check Plate P41 Reading Beam Retainer C Beam Cover #10-32 x 3/4 Truss Head Screw 4 17* #10 Helical Split Lock Washer #10-32 x 1/2 Hex Head Screw 2 19* #10-32 Square Nut P1008 Beam Yoke P8059 Union Hanger U58 Union Center Hanger 1 23* 3P2087 Platform Bearing /4-20 x 1/2 Truss Head Screw 6 25* /4 External Tooth Lock Washer 6 26* 63K1038 Base Leg #6 x 1/4 Hex Head Sht Metal Screw 2 28* 650RC7 Flat Washer 11/ P8034 Beam Hanger Side Pin, Clevis 1/4 x 5/8 2 32* Cotter Bow-Tie x 1Long ZP 4 33* 0033-B033-O8 Wrench, Combination 5/16" & 7/16" #10 x 1/2 Hex Hd Sht Metal Screw B Hanger 2 36* x 3/8 Self-Tap Pan-hd Screw 2 *Not Shown

8 STATEMENT OF LIMITED WARRANTY Detecto Scale warrants its equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship as follows: Detecto warrants to the original purchaser only that it will repair or replace any part of equipment which is defective in material or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from date of shipment. Detecto shall be the sole judge of what constitutes a defect. During the first ninety (90) days Detecto may choose to replace the product at no charge to the buyer upon inspection of the returned item. After the first ninety (90) days, upon inspection of the returned item, Detecto will repair or replace it with a remanufactured product. The customer is responsible for paying for the freight both ways. This warranty does not apply to peripheral equipment not manufactured by Detecto; this equipment will be covered by certain manufacturer s warranty only. This warranty does not include replacement of expendable or consumable parts. This does not apply to any item which has deteriorated or damaged due to wear, accident, misuse, abuse, improper line voltage, overloading, theft, lightning, fire, water or acts of God, or due to extended storage or exposure while in purchaser s possession. This warranty does not apply to maintenance service. Purchased parts will have a ninety (90) day repair or replacement warranty only. Detecto may require the suspect product to be returned to the factory; item(s) must be properly packed and shipping charges prepaid. A return authorization number must be obtained for all returns and marked on the outside of all returned packages. Detecto accepts no responsibility for loss or damage in transit.

9 STATEMENT OF LIMITED WARRANTY Conditions Which Void Limited Warranty This warranty shall not apply to equipment which: A.) Has been tampered with, defaced, mishandled or has had repairs and modifications not authorized by Detecto. B.) Has had serial number altered, defaced, or removed. C.) Has not been grounded according to Detecto s recommended procedure. Freight Carrier Damage Claims for equipment damaged in transit must be referred to the freight carrier in accordance with freight carrier regulations. This warranty sets forth the extent of our liability for breach of any warranty or deficiency in connection with the sale or use of the product. Detecto will not be liable for consequential damages of any nature, including but not limited to, loss of profit, delays or expenses, whether based on tort or contract. Detecto reserves the right to incorporate improvements in material and design without notice and is not obligated to incorporate improvements in equipment previously manufactured. The foregoing is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied including any warranty that extends beyond the description of the product including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This warranty covers only those Detecto products installed in the forty-eight (48) contiguous continental United States. Ph. (800) E. Daugherty Webb City, MO /14 Printed in USA D268-WARRANTY-DET-A

10 DECLARACIÓN DE GARANTÍA LIMITADA Detecto Scale garantiza que su equipo está libre de defectos de material y mano de obra de acuerdo con lo siguiente: Detecto garantiza al comprador original, solamente, que reparará o reemplazará cualquier parte del equipo que esté defectuosa, en cuanto a material o mano de obra se refiere, por un periodo de dos (2) años a partir de la fecha de envío. Detecto será el único juez que dicte que es lo que constituye un defecto. Durante los primeros noventa (90) días Detecto puede elegir reemplazar el producto sin ningún cargo para el comprador ante la inspección del ítem devuelto. Después de los primeros noventa (90) días, ante la inspección del ítem devuelto, Detecto lo reparará o reemplazará con un producto refabricado. El cliente será responsable de pagar el transporte de ida y vuelta. Esta garantía no aplica a equipo periférico no fabricado por Detecto; este equipo será cubierto por cierta garantía de fabricante únicamente. Esta garantía no incluye reemplazo de partes desechables o consumibles. Lo anterior no aplica a ningún ítem que se haya deteriorado o dañado debido al uso diario, accidente, mal uso, abuso, línea de voltaje inadecuada, sobrecarga, robo, relámpago, fuego, agua o caso fortuito, o debido a almacenaje o exposición prolongadas en posesión del comprador. Esta garantía no aplica a servicio de mantenimiento. Las partes compradas contarán con una garantía de reparación o reemplazo de noventa (90) días únicamente. Detecto podrá solicitar que el producto sean devuelto a la fábrica; los ítems deberán estar empacados adecuadamente y los cargos de envío deben estar prepagados. Se deberá obtener un número de autorización de devolución para todas las devoluciones y deberá aparecer en la parte externa de todos los paquetes. Detecto no acepta responsabilidad alguna por pérdida o daño durante el traslado.

11 DECLARACIÓN DE GARANTÍA LIMITADA Condiciones que Invalidan la Garantía Limitada Esta garantía no aplicará al equipo que: A.) Haya sido manipulado, desfigurado, manejado incorrectamente o haya sido reparado o modificado sin autorización por parte de Detecto. B.) Se haya alterado, desfigurado o retirado el número de serie. C.) No haya sido aterrizado de acuerdo con el proceso recomendado por Detecto. Daño de Transporte Los reclamos por equipo dañado durante traslado deberán ser dirigidos al transportista, de acuerdo con las regulaciones del transportista. Esta garantía establece el alcance de nuestra responsabilidad para incumplimiento de cualquier garantía o deficiencia en relación con la venta o uso del producto. Detecto no será responsable por daños consecuentes de naturaleza alguna, incluyendo, entre otros, lucro cesante, retrasos o gastos, ya sean basados en responsabilidad extracontractual o contractual. Detecto se reserva el derecho a incorporar mejoras en materiales y diseño sin aviso previo y no está obligado a incorporar dichas mejoras a equipo fabricado previamente. Lo anterior sustituye cualquier otra garantía, expresa o implícita, incluyendo cualquier garantía que vaya más allá de la descripción del producto, incluyendo cualquier garantía de comerciabilidad o adecuación para un propósito particular. Esta garantía cubre únicamente aquellos productos Detecto instalados en los cuarenta y ocho (48) estados contiguos de los Estados Unidos de América. Tel. (800) E. Daugherty Webb City, MO /27/2014 Impreso en EUA D268-WARRANTY-DET