ICHMUL. SEED Mexico Report to accompany the Ichmul Sustainable Community Economic Development Plan September Cover THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 1

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1 ICHMUL SEED Mexico Report to accompany the Ichmul Sustainable Community Economic Development Plan September 2013 Cover THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 1

2 HILANDO MEXICO Ma Maison is a design project, whose mission is to dignify and reaffirm traditional culture and indigenous peoples through self-sustaining economic models in which they can express their identity in conformity with their artisan traditions, respecting their cultural heritage and evaluating the techniques passed down from generation to generation. We contribute new knowledge fusing their traditional craft in modern forms that create economic value for their communities. FUNDACION ORB AND NEXTPLAYS MEXICO Empowering lives The Fundacion s purpose is to apply business acumen and networks in the development and implementation of programs that foster participation of community members plus the growth and success of social projects to increase the overall size, livelihood and impact of the community sector. The Fundacion has chosen to do this by designing, implementing and supporting programs that work at the source of community sector development. SEED MEXICO A community development project to help set long term objectives, identify new social projects and enterprises, so communities can take charge of their own economic development. The SEED Program has been successfully deployed in a number of community development based projects in Mexico, Australia, Vanuatu, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand. Copyright NextPlays and the SEED methodology are Copyright to Fundacion ORB THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 2

3 Overview ICHMUL Sustainable Community Economic Development Plan PROJECT INTENT Hilando Mexico and Fundacion Orb have partnered to facilitate the SEED Program with the community of Ichmul. Currentlly Hilando Mexico have a very successful community enterprise operating, using the artisan skills of local woman to produce embroidered materials of high quality for soft furnishings. It is Hilandos intent to expand the level of development in the Ichmul community and use SEED to develop a long term community strategy. This document outlines the background to the community, the development of the agreed working plan and provides detailed information on the first four social projects to be undertaken in Ichmul. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 3

4 Current observations on Ichmul LOCATION Ichmul, Municipio de Chikindzonot, State of Yucatan, Mexico Latitude: / Longitude: HISTORY PRE COLONIAL Ichmul was an existing Mayan community before colonisation. There are five (now partially destroyed) Mayan ruins dotted throughout the community that link directly to an underground cave system. Little is know of the size or importance of Ichmul prior to colonisation but it was likely an important settlement or trading point within the Mayan civilization at some stage. COLONIAL After the initial conquest of the Yucatan area a Catholic Convent was built in Ichmul called Santuario Santo Cristo de las Ampollas in This was further expanded in 1760 before being destroyed (by fire?) at a later date. The population of the community grew with the increasing influence of the Spanish. Like other centres in the Yucatan there was a growing mistrust and maltreatment of the traditional Mayans by their Spanish lords, THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 4

5 leading to the Mayan uprising or the La Gurra de Castas that took place from 1847 to At that stage it is estimated that Ichmul had a population of 48,000 with a large number of historic homes. La Gurra de Castas or the Castas war had a devastating impact and after a 20 day siege of in 1841 Ichmul and it s Spanish inhabitants either fled or were rounded up and massacred, before the existing town was destroyed. It was left in ruin and abandoned to be engulfed over time by the surrounding jungle. POST COLONIAL It wasn t until approximately 75 years ago that Ichmul was rediscovered from within the Jungle. When found, the remaining structures were covered in trees and vines. It was a slow rebirth and according to a local elder a painful one, as mayans migrating from other areas had to fight for recognition before it was acknowledged as a settlement over 20 years later. Many people moved into the ruins of the old town, knocking down walls and making the most of what remained or starting anew. Today Ichmul is a mix of the historic Mayan and colonial worlds and a poor yet modernising pueblo. GEOGRAPHY AND CLIMATE Ichmul is 30 metres above sea level located in the interior of the Yucatan Peninsula approximately 35km from Peto which is the nearest town of any scale. As is typical of the peninsula, the community has adapted to the shallow and fragile soils for its survival and is surrounded by lowland rain forest. It is a karst landscape, dominated by limestone bedrock. As a result, there is very little surface water (and the water that is present is not usually suitable for drinking) because drainage in these types of landscapes is underground. The Yucatan is thus covered with caves and sinkholes or Cenotes. The climate is tropical and consists of wet and dry seasons. Winters are mild and summers can be very hot. Like much of the Caribbean, the peninsula lies within the Atlantic Hurricane Belt, and with its almost uniformly flat terrain it is vulnerable to these large storms coming from the east. Strong tropical storms called nortes can quickly descend on the Yucatán Peninsula any time of year. Although these storms pummel the area with heavy rains and high winds, they tend to be short-lived, clearing after about an hour. The average percentage of days with rain per month ranges from a monthly low of 7% in April to a high of 25% in October. Breezes can have a cooling effect but humidity is generally high, particularly in the remaining rainforest areas. The average annual temperature of Ichmul is 26 C and is fairly consistent throughout the year. CLIMATE CHANGE The climate in the community is becoming erratic with the growing seasons are now fluctuating by as much as a month. In 2012 the corn crop was badly scorched from sun damage and the success of once stable crops such as beans are becoming unpredictable. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 5

6 DEMOGRAPHICS AND HEALTH The community is made up of 1089 individuals in 234 families. Population Total Male 559 Female 530 TOTAL 1089 Minors 129 Adolescents (typically working on family milpa) 274 Woman 290 Men 100 Elderly (60 years and over) 38 Absent from the physical community (typically men working in tourist zones or further afield such as Canada and the USA) 258 HEALTH The average life expectancy in Ichmul is approximately 48 years and is descending. This is being driven by five known factors: 1. Lung infections - due to sleeping in smoke filled rooms from open cooking fires. This is leading to long term lung and stomach problems. 2. Digestive issues - due to the high lime content of the water. This is causing conditions such as gall-stones and other gastric issues, forcing the population to consume imported bottled water and/or drink brackish water that exists in the fields. 3. Basic hygiene - The lack of domestic toilets creates a variety of hygiene related problems and the increased spread of infections. 4. Diabetes and hypertension - Typically this is impacting the young and has been increasing over the past 15 years. Based on statistics from the local medical intern these factors are directly linked to the rise in consumption of recently introduced carbonated soft drinks and snack foods. 5. Alcohol - with limited employment opportunities more young people are increasing there consumption of alcohol. Education is improving overall health and the introduction of active family planning programs is impacting the birth rates in the community. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 6

7 Ichmul has a health clinic with a dedicated nurse and intern, the local hospital in nearby Peto but with few transport options to travel there. This is especially trying for pregnant woman. ECONOMY Ichmul is a very traditional society with ingrained customs that are hard to change. SUBSISTENCE AGRICULTURE Ichmul encompasses an Ejido of approximately 80 square kilometers. An ejido is an area of communal land used for agriculture, on which members of the community have the rights to and can farm individual parcels of land. These parcels are typically located along the three main roads that traverse the ejido. The primary occupation for the men of the village is subsistence agriculture using traditional Milpa techniques. Milpa is a crop-growing system used extensively in the Yucatán peninsula. Traditionally the Milpa cycle calls for 2 years of cultivation and eight years of letting the area lie fallow. The system was designed to create relatively large yields of food crops without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilizers. A Milpa may include a mix of maize, avocados, multiple varieties of squash and bean, melon, tomatoes, chilis, sweet potato, jícama, amaranth, and mucana. This is supported by a ready supply (80 tones) of honey collected annually from all farmers. The concept of a Milpa is a sociocultural construct rather than simply a system of agriculture. It involves complex interactions and relationships between farmers, as well as distinct personal relationships with both the crops and land. This is also true of Ichmul where traditional mayan fertility rituals are still applied with all new year plantings, but there is some modernisation having impact on this. Plant seed, fertilizers and herbicides are now freely available and provided by the State government. As a result rotation is no longer practiced and existing milpa parcels are reverting back to jungle. Crop failure is also common and the subsidized government system does little to motivate meaningful change to farming practices, especially with the older men of the community. There is some demand for new agricultural practices and technologies to increase yields and open the possibility of growing new plant varieties, and in the past the use of pumps have been used to increase production. Although the pumps are no longer serviceable, it did provide a good demonstration of the advantages of technology in improving yields and making better use of available resources. Currently there are approximately 250 men and adolescents involved in Milpa farming on the Ichmul ejido. REMITTENCES AND MIGRATION Farming is failing to meet the rising cost of living, even in a relatively subsistence community like Ichmul. Beyond farming there are little local employment opportunities, resulting in younger men choosing to leave in search of work (mainly as laborers in the construction industry) in the tourist regions of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. It is difficult to ascertain the total population of men that have left the community, but it is likely to be in excess of 100 young men. With 40 to 50 of them returning every Friday evening for the weekend. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 7

8 Migration isn t an economic solution either, with the higher cost of living in coastal centres meaning many young men earning little more than they do in Ichmul, so there is now a trickle of them returning with few other options. A number of others have travelled further afield as far as the USA and Canada. The remittences and goods are having an impact and that is evidenced with a number of laptops and phones witnessed being used by youth in the community. COMMERCIAL A number of small retail stores, mainly selling food stuffs and basic household items have been established by families trying to supplement their subsistence incomes. It s estimated that there are approximately 12 stores within the community, all in direct competition with each other. With an further two outlets selling alcohol. ARTISAN Artisan based enterprise are an important addition for families that may rival the importance of subsistence agriculture in their overall economic sustainability. Artisan production is very traditional and also common across similar communities in the Yucatan. These typically comprise weaving hammocks, baskets and embroidery. The woman of the village lead these home based industries and apart from Hundido Mexico sell directly to local merchants and distributors on an individual basis for a minimal wage. POLITICS AND SOCIAL COHESION Ichmul is a relatively peaceful, tranquil community where everyone knows each other. It has a good level of security and little crime, although this is slowly increasing. Every election cycle a Commissario is appointed as a representative for Ichmul to oversee community affairs by the Municipio de Chikindzonot. This is an important role in the village and carries much power to progress or hinder development of projects. The community is physically divided down party lines, with Pan and Pri on either side of the central road that traverses the community. Allocation of resources based on political lines has lead to development initiatives being randomly spread throughout the village. This has caused past friction and many (youth and woman) are disillusioned with any development initiatives due to party favoritism. This is especially true of younger men who are more progressively minded and see the older men with their strong party ties as the ones responsible for stifling any meaningful progress. There is also deep suspicion of young people that have left and re-entered the community and they tend to be ostracized by the older men. In the past there have been problems of violence, alcohol and graffiti which has resulted in those that stayed having preferential treatment over those that have returned. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 8

9 EDUCATION PRIMARY SCHOOL There is one preschool and one primary school in Ichmul for children up to the age of 12 year. SENIOR SCHOOL Children have to travel to Chikindzonot to attend Senior school and there are little transport options, so many of them hitch a ride in the one vehicle used by the local constable. Computers and the internet are now requirements to attend senior school and high school, which further limits participation and only 50% of Ichmul students graduate from senior school, or go onto High School. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS There is satellite based internet and wifi available at the local Primary School and satellite based internet specifically for the medical clinic. An existing hermetically sealed and cooled computer room was provided from a State funded program approximately 10 years ago, but all the computers are now well out of date and not functional. There was little in the way of training to use these to their potential and the installation soon fell into disrepair. There are two functional landline telephones available in the community. Many young people have cell phones with a limited Telcel connection and most use the wifi from the local Primary School to communicate. TRANSPORTATION Transportation is severely limited, with one bus service from Peto to Valladolid very early in the morning and late in the evening most days. There is little private transport and no community owned transportation beyond the local constables utility. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 9


11 ORGANIZACIÓN LOCACIÓN MODELO OPERATIVO ACTIVIDADES SECTORIALES Agriculture MISION Artisanal Education OBJETIVOS DE Acceso a: Agua limpia, educación, IMPACTO Energy SOCIAL servicios financieros, información, generación de capacidades, generación de Environment empleo, seguridad alimentaria, mejoramiento de salud, protección y expansión de Financial Services derechos humanos, crecimiento en la productividad e ingresos. OBJETIVOS DE Conservación de recursos IMPACTO Health naturales, prevención de AMBIENTAL contaminantes, manejo de desperdicio, uso de suelo Housing Development sustentable, manejo de agua. Info and communications technology Fideicomiso de Desarrollo Comunitario Ichmul (FDCI) No Gubernamental Ichmul, Yucatan, México Organización de Desarrollo Comunitario / Servicios sociales y financieros Educación, Servicios Financieros, Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación,,Generación de empresas, Agricultura, Turismo, Agua, Otros Para gobernar, fomentar e invertir en el desarrollo económico de la comunidad en curso en Ichmul para que la comunidad pueda ser sostenible y prosperar en el largo plazo 1. Mantener control sobre los Infrastructure and facilities activos comunitarios y desarrollo económico Supply chain services2. Empoderar al consejo comunitario para actuar como gobernadores del desarrollo Technical assistance services comunitario local 3. Generar capacidades dentro Tourism de la comunidad a través de artesanías, agricultura y turismo Water 4. Crecer las oportunidades económicas para Other comunidades locales TORNEOS INTER- TORNEOS INTER- TORNEOS INTER- COMUNITARIOS COMUNITARIOS COMUNITARIOS NEXTPLAYS NEXTPLAYS es una agencia de diseño de innovación social que utiliza principios "inspirados en la naturaleza para ayudar a ONGs, empresas y gobiernos a generar proyectos, programas y emprendimientos sociales viables. Las herramientas que utiliza NextPlays se basan en investigación, talleres colaborativos, estrategia y prototipos de modelos de negocio para transformar ideas en soluciones concretas y rentables. CÓMO LEER EL PLAN El plan de SEED MEXICO es una visión general de los posibles emprendimientos sociales dentro de la comunidad. Está diseñado para ser una guía con un amplio nivel de detalle para cada proyecto (representado en los cuadros) del plan. La presentación del plan, está diseñado para representar el valor en el tiempo y el proceso para lograr los objetivos comunitarios. Los impactos sociales y ambientales están enlistados en la parte inferior del plan por etapa. NUEVA EMPRESA Tiempo Impacto por etapa IRIS El GIIN (Red Global de Inversión de Impacto) desarrollo una serie de estándares para medir el impacto. IRIS (Estándares de Reportes de Impacto e Inversión) es un lenguaje común para describir el desempeño social y ambiental de una organización. IRIS proporciona un conjunto de métricas independientes y creíbles para que las organizaciones las utilicen para informar su impacto. Los indicadores IRIS abarcan una amplia gama de objetivos de rendimiento e incluyen indicadores especializados para una amplia gama de sectores, incluyendo servicios financieros, agricultura y energía. Al igual que las normas de contabilidad financiera, IRIS proporciona una base para los informes de rendimiento. INDICADORES NEXTPLAYS-IRIS Los indicadores de impacto social y ambiental de IRIS están relacionados con las tapas del plan SEED medimos los resultados directamente de la empresa social. SISTÉMICO Nuevos proyectos empresariales en la Península de Yucatán NUEVO Nuevos proyectos empresariales específicos para Ichmul BAÑOS Un baño para cada hogar REFINADO Proyectos de desarrollo comunitario específicos para Ichmul ESTADO ACTUAL AÑO 1 AÑO 2 AÑO 3 AÑO 4 AÑO 5 AÑO 6 AÑO 7 AÑO 8 ESTADO ACTUAL INVESTIGACIÓN Y CREACIÓN INVESTIGACIÓN Y CREACIÓN Enseñar nuevas prácticas agrícolas Educación Agrícola Bombas de agua, irrigación y tratamiento Explorar oportunidades de Mercado para la comercialización de cestos bordados y hamacas. Proyectos de Hamaca de Diseño de la Diseño de investigación diseño cesta productos medicinales MOBILE BANCA MÓVIL BANKING WASTECH Carbon Producción production de in carbón the Yucatan en Yucatán DESARROLLO TURÍSTICO Turismo que fomente el intercambio de nuevas habilidades y aprendizajes Mecánico Plomería Silvicultura Manufacturación Arqueología Actividades sectoriales IRIS ESTADO ACTUAL ETAPA UNO ETAPA DOS ETAPA TRES ETAPA CUATRO ETAPA CINCO ETAPA SEIS IMPACTOS DE 8 AÑOS Agricultura Artesanía Educación Energía Medio Ambiente Servicios financieros Salud Vivienda Tecnología de información y comunicaciones Facilidades e Infraestructura Servicios en la cadena de suministro Servicios de asistencia técnica Turismo Agua Otros Agricultura de subsistencia y otros productos adicionales como la miel Marca de miel establecida como un negocio para la cooperativa agrícola Bordados (hamacas, cestos), tejidos Marcas nuevas de productos artesanales (hamacas y tejidos) Escuela primaria. Secundaria y otros están presentes en otras comunidades. Red de electricidad conectada a 90% de los hogares en la comunidad No hay servicios financieros disponibles Clínica de salud con servicios de saludos básicos, con enfermeras 90% vivienda tradicional, 50% vivienda con bloques Cobertura celular intermitente y red inalámbrica satelital en la escuela Carreteras y 10x abarroterías Acceso a otras comunidades vía un camino Sitios históricos (Católicos y Mayas) Oferta de agua adecuada pero con algunas sustancias que pueden afectar la salud Mucho tiempo libre Educar a la comunidad sobre la importancia del desarrollo personal, estructuras legales y propiedad FONDO COMUNITARIO Administración del plan, inversión e ingreso MIEL Aumentar la producción de miel con calidad de exportación para generar ingresos COOPERATIVAS Crear una cooperativa para un proyecto agrícola o de turismo COOPERATIVAS Crear una cooperativa para un proyecto agrícola o de turismo COOPERATIVA Crear una cooperativa para la producción artesanal INTERNET CAFÉ Un local que la comunidad se apropie y un programa móvil PROGRAMA DE FILTRACIÓN DE AGUA Café internet en la comunidad asociado con un banco de tiempo para incentivar cambios de comportamiento Programa de filtración de agua mejorar la disponibilidad y el acceso a agua potable producida en la comunidad Consejo directivo: Políticas de resolución de conflictos y responsabilidad independiente EDUCACIÓN Educación comunitaria sobre el uso de internet ISITIA Y 100X Programas sobre desarrollo comunitario y emprendimiento social MANTENIMIENTO DE LA COMUNIDAD Proyectos juveniles para embellecer la comunidad impulsados por un incentivo Aumentar las oportunidades de educción dentro de la comunidad. Incluir investigación y desarrollo para las cooperativas Banda Cooperativa y aumento de fondos para el Desarrollo Comunitario Mentoría para desarrollo de negocios para establecer productos artesanales con marca propia Formación de cooperativas de agricultura, artesanías y turismo Estrategia para crear un programa de Desarrollo Turístico Investigación para trabajar con iglesia local HAMACAS Producción de hamacas BORDADO Aumentar la producción de bordados para satisfacer la demanda EDUCACION EN LÍNEA Disponible para todos los miembros de la comunidad TORNEOS INTER- COMUNITARIOS Nuevos programas de educación en línea y programas de educación agrícola Aumentar el acceso a tecnología móvil Programas de desarrollo turístico con capacitación para la implementación AGUA Bombas de agua y programas de riego y tratamiento de agua DESARROLLO TURÍSTICO Desarrollar infraestructura para turistas CESTOS Producción de cestos PARTERAS Educación sobre prácticas de parto en toda la comunidad TRANSPORTACIÓN Un automóvil dedicado a proveer servicios de salud y educación Introducción de nuevos cultivos y prácticas agrícolas Cultivos de madera de alto valor plantados como una inversión de largo plazo of new a través de nuevas bombas de agua e irrigación Nuevas marcas de productos artesanales (cestos) Aumento de ventas por exportación. Productos de medicina tradicional manufacturados por la comunidad. Programa de capacitación e intercambio de parteras, relacionado con turismo. Nuevas técnicas de construcción de vivienda Un vehículo propiedad de la comunidad para proveer mejores servicios de medicinales y educativos NUEVAS COSECHAS Cultivos de valor agregado OTROS Dependiendo de la investigación y transferencia de habilidades turísticas EDUCACIÓN DE DESARROLLO Desarrollo de habilidades mecánicas ESTUFAS AHORRADORAS Que toda la comunidad tenga acceso a una Nueva base de manufacturación de muebles hechos a mano. Nuevas habilidades desarrolladas en la comunidad (plomería, mecánica, manufactura) Mejorar indicadores de asistencia de alumnos en la escuela y el porcentaje de aprobación de materias Acceso a banca móvil con servicios de línea MADERA DE ALTO VALOR Plantar en áreas desaprovechadas del ejido PRODUCTOS MEDICINALES Producción Racionalización de las tiendas actuales y la creación de una nueva cooperativa Nuevas estufas para toda la comunidad, incluye capacitación e instrucciones EMPRESA DE MUEBLES TIENDAS COMERCIALES NUEVAS BAÑOS Un baño para cada hogar Baños y otros servicio de salud disponibles en todas las casas Nuevas tiendas generales que ofrezcan más productos para la comunidad local Ichmul es una pequeña comunidad situada en el centro dentro de la península de Yucatán Latitud: / Longitud: ICHMUL CSPDE 8 OBJETIVOS DEL AÑO celular dentro de la comunidad secundaria y la educación superior dentro de la comunidad mejorados para hacer un mejor uso de los recursos disponibles y dar más empleo comunidad para ofrecer oportunidades únicas de desarrollo de turismo existentes para proveer oportunidades de empleo servicios de maternidad dentro de la comunidad OBJETIVOS ADICIONALES acceder y salir de la comunidad nivel personal y empresarial todos los hogares en la comunidad IMPACTOS PDESI VERSUS OBJETIVOS DE LA COMUNIDAD Aumento en la producción e ingresos adicionales por cultivos con nueva tecnología y capacitación Manufacturación y oportunidades de empleo apalancado en la base de artesanos locales Mayor acceso a la educación superior a través de nuevas tecnologías de comunicación y transporte aumento en el uso de tierras disponibles La comunidad invierte activamente en su desarrollo económico. Banca móvil disponible Servicios de parto disponibles en la comunidad. Mejorar accesos generales de servicios de salud Nuevas técnicas de construcción, incluyendo mejoramiento en áreas de cocina y sanidad 95% de los hogares tienen un celular. Internet disponible en Ichmul Cooperativas propiedad de la comunidad Un vehículo propiedad de la comunidad para controlar el acceso a los mercados Expandir redes y aliados que pueden aportar asistencia técnica y acceso a los canales de venta capacitados como guías turísticos Mejoramiento de la calidad de agua en toda la comunidad ingreso e inversión NEXTPLAYS 2013 Structure In June 2013 facilitated workshops were held with cross representation of the Ichmul community to understand local challenges, needs and discovering new opportunities for new enterprise ideas. The results of the workshops have been structured into a master plan so the community can track its own development over an eight year time frame. The plan comprises projects ranked by scale and impact from pure social projects to new ventures that can support a number of local communities like Ichmul. This Social Community Economic Development Plan (SCEDP) combines the NextPlays frameworks with the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN) performance standards to present potential enterprises for investment. SCEDP PLAN DE DESARROLLO ECONÓMICO SUSTENTABLE DE ICHMUL (PDESI) INFORMACIÓN ORGANIZACIONAL CAMINO ICHMUL, YUCATAN AÑO DE FUNDACIÓN 2013 ESTRUCTURA LEGAL Sin fines de lucro / Organización YUCATAN ESTRATEGIA ICHMUL COMUNIDAD SALUD Y EDUCACIÓN NUEVA EMPRESA TURISMO AGRICULTURA 1 Acceso directo a Internet y conectividad 2 La mejora del acceso a la escuela 3 Acceso a prácticas agrícolas nuevas y 4 Aprovechar los activos existentes en la 5 Aprovechar habilidades artesanales 6 Mejorar el acceso a los Servicios de Salud y 7 Mejorar las opciones de transporte para 8 Proveer acceso a servicios financieros a un 9 Mejorar las instalaciones para cocinar en Relación con la comunidad Objetivos Recursos naturales y características únicas Embellecer el ambiente local Preservación de recursos naturales existentes y Creación de bungalós para turistas Turismo de desarrollo y programas de intercambio Aumento de actividades turísticas y arqueológicas 500 (aprox) turistas por año, 10% de la comunidad Iniciativas de desarrollo Inter-comunitarias Desarrollo de un negocio de carbón inter-comunitario Estructurar el FDCI para proveer oportunidades de WHAT IS GIIN IRIS Global Impact Investment Network Impact Reporting & Investment Standards, or IRIS, is a common language for describing the social and environmental performance of an organization. IRIS provides an independent and credible set of metrics for organizations to use when reporting their impact. IRIS indicators span an array of performance objectives and include specialized metrics for a range of sectors including financial services, agriculture, and energy. Like financial accounting standards, IRIS provides a basis for performance reporting. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 11

12 ICHMUL Community Development Trust 8 year social and environmental objectives The following long term (8 year) objectives were collectively agreed by the Ichmul community representatives. OBJECTIVES PRIMARY 1 Direct access to the Internet & cellular connectivity within the community 2 Improved access to high school and higher education within the community 3 Access new and improved agricultural practices to make better use of available resources and provide further employment 4 Leverage existing community assets to provide unique development tourism opportunities 5 Leverage existing artisan skills to provide employment opportunities 6 Improve access to Healthcare and maternity services within the community SECONDARY 7 Improve transport options to and from the community 8 Provide access to financial services at an individual and enterprise level 9 Improve cooking facilities in all households within the community COMMUNITY INVESTMENT The workshop participants unanimously agreed that an Ichmul Community Development Trust (ICDT) be formed to oversee the SCEDP and 30% of profit generated from projects on the plan be reinvested in the ICDT to support future projects. The plan is broken into stages with the following projects identified for stage one. AGREED STAGE ONE PROJECTS 1. Creation of the Ichmul Community Development Trust (ICDT) 2. Creation of the Ichmul time-bank internet cafe 3. Creating of the Ichmul Water filtration and supply venture 4. Creation of the Ichmul Honey cooperative THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 12

13 STAGE ONE Stage one Overview Project summary and implementation of Stage one of the ICDT SUMMARY Four projects have been identified for the first stage of the ICDT, these are: Type of project REFINED Community development project NEW New community business venture NEW New community business venture SHIFTED Cross community business venture Project description Creation of the Ichmul Community Development Trust Creation of a Ichmul time-bank internet cafe Creation of a Ichmul Water filtration and supply venture Creation of a Honey venture Investment requirements Grant funding Grant funding Investment Grant and Investment Projected outcomes ICDT and governance structure to oversee community investment and development 2 part time jobs Community capability building 18,000 hours of internet time available 9,000 hours available free for community development incentives 2 part time jobs 438,000 liters of potable fresh water available to the community annually MX$78,700 net profit annually for the ICDT Creation of a honey cooperative and honey market at US$2.50 /Kg 4 full time jobs 50 tones of Honey exported annually US$21,900 net profit annually for the ICDT Project summaries are contained in the following pages. These summaries contain information on: Organisation description, Product description, Assumed business and revenue model, Financial performance, Operational Impact and finally the Product Impact per project. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 13

14 Project one Ichmul Community Development Trust TYPE Community development project INTENT The intent of the project is to create a Community Development Trust for Ichmul (ICDT) including a community governance structure with independent oversight, development policies including return on investment in local ventures to support long term community objectives. ICDT projects are a combination of for-profit and not-for-profit ventures that the ICDT is responsible for initiating and providing investment. ORGANISATION DESCRIPTION Organisation information NAME Ichmul Community Development Trust YEAR FOUNDED 2013 LEGAL STRUCTURE LOCATION SECTOR ACTIVITY Non-profit/Non-governmental organisation (Community Development Trust) Ichmul, Municipio de Chikindzonot, State of Yucatan, Mexico Agriculture, Artisan, Education, Financial services, Health, Information and communications technology, Infrastructure and facilities, Tourism Impact objectives MISSION STATEMENT To govern, encourage and invest in ongoing community economic development in Ichmul so that the community can be sustainable and thrive over the long term. SOCIAL IMPACT OBJECTIVES Access to clean water Access to education Access to financial services Access to information technology Capacity and capability building Employment generation Improved food security Improved health Improved human rights protection and expansion Improved Income/productivity growth THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 14

15 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OBJECTIVES Natural resource conservation Pollution prevention and waste management Sustainable land use Water resource management FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Ratios, concepts and calculations GROSS MARGIN OPERATING EXPENSE 30% of all profit on investments made by the ICDT in new social or business ventures is returned to the ICDT for reinvestment in future community projects and new social or business ventures within the community. MX$ 30, annually OPERATIONAL IMPACT Governance & ownership GOVERNANCE POLICIES A set of Governance policies will be developed to provide transparency to all members of the community The trustees will be ALL members currently living within the community as defined by the Ejido The ICDT will operate in perpetuity BOARD OF DIRECTORS : FEMALE BOARD OF DIRECTORS : YOUTH BOARD OF DIRECTORS : INDEPENDENT Proportional to that of the community Proportional to that of the community An external independent director will form part of the Board of Directors as a joint Treasurer of the ICDT Social policies CODE OF ETHICS CONFLICT OF INTEREST POLICY FINANCIAL STATEMENT REVIEW FAIR HIRING/RECRUITMENT PRACTICES The ICDT will have a code of ethics for all trustees The ICDT will have a conflict of interest policy for all trustees Yes - Annual Elections of Board of Directors of the ICDT will be held annually and will be represented by the demographic and geographic boundaries of the community All ICDT owned ventures will also have a fair hiring and recruitment program FAIR COMPENSATION PRACTICES All ICDT owned ventures will provide fair compensation for all employed THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 15

16 Governance & ownership FAIR DISMISSAL Employees PART TIME EMPLOYEES All ICDT owned ventures will provide a fair and transparent fair dismissal policy The Board of Directors are voluntary positions OPERATIONAL AND PRODUCT IMPACT Operational and product impacts are determined by the social projects of ventures agreed to by the ICDP as outlined on the Ichmul CSEDP. ACTION WHAT WHO WHEN 1. Agreement by the community to form the ICDT Gerardo Castro October Meet with a legal specialist to formulate a legal entity (ONG) and a constitution that incorporates the Governance, Ownership and social policies outlined above. Peter Salmon and Gerardo Castro October Host a special annual general meeting of the community to agree the terms of the ICDT and elect representatives to the ICDT Gerardo Castro January 2014 NOTES THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 16

17 Project two Cyber cafe TYPE New community business venture INTENT To leverage the demand for access to the internet within the village to engage the community in village maintenance by exchanging community development time in for access and time online. ORGANISATION DESCRIPTION Organisation information NAME Ichmul Cyber cafe YEAR FOUNDED 2014 LOCATION LEGAL STRUCTURE OPERATIONAL MODEL CUSTOMER MODEL SECTOR ACTIVITY Ichmul, Municipio de Chikindzonot, State of Yucatan, Mexico Limited Liability Company Service Business to Consumer Information and Communications technology Impact objectives MISSION STATEMENT To provide a fast internet service and capability building program for all members of the Ichmul community in exchange for a fee or community development hours SOCIAL IMPACT OBJECTIVES Access to information Community development ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OBJECTIVES Pollution prevention and waste management Sustainable land use PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product / service information PRODUCT OR SERVICE TYPE PRODUCT OR SERVICE TYPE DETAIL TYPE PRODUCT LIFETIME UNIT OF MEASURE Information and Communications technology Community Access to new high speed internet and computers 5 years Hours or transactions Target beneficiaries THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 17

18 CLIENT TYPE TARGET BENEFICIARY SOCIOECONOMICS CLIENT LOCATIONS Individuals Low income Ichmul, Municipio de Chikindzonot, State of Yucatan, Mexico BUSINESS MODEL This business model is based on assumptions and will need to be validated prior to development. Operational Impact Employment - 2 new part time positions Product Impact Increased income to ICDT and local honey producers within the Honey cooperative Strategic partners ICDT community project team Resources 2 part time employees Offer Internett service (cafe) Customer relationship Transactional Customer Low income communities An internet NGO to place computers and capability development programs within the community Computers High speed Internet channel Capabilities Computer maintenance Coursess to learn how to use computers and access the internet Channel Cafe or room within the Management community Expenditure Computers Income Transaction sales or time credits Internet provider BUSINESS MODEL NOTES 1. Important to provide a regular stream of community programs such as waste collection to earn time credits for the cyber cafe. Youth can be engaged via the ISITIA program to find projects and agree terms of the time credit program. 2. Courses are offered free within the 9,000 community hours on offer. 3. This is a break even model to make it as accessible as possible. Profit can be generated based on additional hours sold, or additional services such as movies nights, this would form part of an expansion strategy that the ICDT can invest in once profit is generated from other activity. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 18

19 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Income statement EARNED REVENUE OPERATING EXPENSE GROSS PROFIT NET INCOME CURRENT ASSETS TOTAL LIABILITIES MX$108, (Based on MX12 / hour) MX$104, MX$3, MX$2, MX$0.00 (Based on all equipment being granted to the community) MX$0.00 OPERATIONAL IMPACT Governance & ownership GOVERNANCE POLICIES BOARD OF DIRECTORS Social policies CODE OF ETHICS Employees Yes ICDT Yes PART TIME EMPLOYEES 2 PART TIME WAGES MX$54, EMPLOYEES TRAINED 2 PRODUCT IMPACT Quantity and reach UNITS OR VOLUME PRODUCED UNITS OR VOLUME SOLD Quality and performance EDUCATION SERVICES TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE 18,000 hrs / annum (9,000 hours are gifted against a time bank to motivate community to engage in local community development initiatives) 9,000 hours / annum 300 people 50 people THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 19

20 ACTION WHAT WHO WHEN 1. Have an anthropologist research the community to understand the specific needs and capabilities of the community with regards to accessing the internet Max Matus December Build a proposal, time-bank model, business and operational plan for the community 3. Engage the ICDT to create a list of community development tasks plus facilitate youth in the community to establish motivation and tasks t complete within the community Peter Salmon Carlos Aja González Peter Salmon Carlos Aja González Gerardo Castro January 2014 February Train and launch the cyber cafe Peter Salmon May 2014 NOTES Internet costs are based on pricing plan from Road 9 (rural internet services) purchasing at a cost of MX$2.00 / hour THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 20

21 Project three Ichmul Water filtration and supply venture TYPE New community business venture INTENT The intent is to create a low cost water filtration and supply venture for local community consumption and improve overall health impacts ORGANISATION DESCRIPTION Organisation information NAME Ichmul Water filtration and supply venture YEAR FOUNDED 2013 LOCATION LEGAL STRUCTURE OPERATIONAL MODEL CUSTOMER MODEL SECTOR ACTIVITY Ichmul, Municipio de Chikindzonot, State of Yucatan, Mexico Limited Liability Company Production and distribution Business to Consumer Water Impact objectives MISSION STATEMENT To provide good quality potable drinking water at a fair price for all community members SOCIAL IMPACT OBJECTIVES Access to clean water Employment generation Community development (via financial return to ICDT) ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OBJECTIVES Water resource management PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product / service information PRODUCT OR SERVICE TYPE PRODUCT OR SERVICE TYPE DETAIL TYPE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Water Access to low cost potable water Provide a filtration and bottling service for current pumped ground water for sale and distribution within the community through existing retainers and stores at a price that is more affordable for community members but generates a return to the ICDT. THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 21

22 Product / service information UNIT OF MEASURE Water consumption in liters, Transactions Target beneficiaries CLIENT TYPE INDIVIDUAL / HOUSEHOLD TARGET BENEFICIARY SOCIOECONOMIC TARGET BENEFICIARY SETTING CLIENT LOCATION: STATE/PROVINCE OR REGION Households Very poor Rural Ichmul, Municipio de Chikindzonot, State of Yucatan, Mexico BUSINESS MODEL This business model is based on assumptions and will need to be validated prior to development. Operational Impact Employment - 2 new part time positions Product Impact Health - improved water quality at a more affordable cost Strategic partners Resources Offer Customer relationship Customer Water filtration servicing 2 employees (1x management, 1x Locally sourced, quality potable Direct to channel partners Local Ichmul housholds company ICDT distribution) Water filtration drinking water at fair price For every bottle sold X goes to processing plant support the community Capabilities Channel Water filtration Current stores management located in the and servicing community Distribution Plant management Expenditure Capital - Processing plant, bottles and transport Income Unit sales Distribution Operational - Electricity, Maintenance and servicing, Salaries THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 22

23 BUSINESS MODEL NOTES 1. To make this project viable it will be important to include current local retailers selling water in the community. Sales will need to negotiated to take place via these existing channels at a price point that is stable throughout the community and doesn t undermine the existing channel. This will help deal with existing water suppliers to the community. FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE All financial information is assumed and will need to be validated prior to launch (refer to Actions). Income statement EARNED REVENUE MX$ 262, OPERATING EXPENSE MX$ 133, GROSS PROFIT MX$ 129, NET INCOME MX$ 78, CURRENT ASSETS MX$ 36, TOTAL LIABILITIES MX$ 40, OPERATIONAL IMPACT Governance & ownership GOVERNANCE POLICIES BOARD OF DIRECTORS Social policies CODE OF ETHICS WORKER SAFETY Environmental performance WATER QUALITY MONITORING WATER USE Employees Yes ICDT Yes All employees will have an occupational and worker safety policy Yes Monitoring amount of water extracted from Municipal bores PART TIME EMPLOYEES 2 PART TIME WAGES MX$ 37, EMPLOYEES TRAINED 2 PRODUCT IMPACT Quantity and reach UNITS OR VOLUME PRODUCED SALES TRANSACTIONS 438,048 Liters / Annum 21,902 x 20L bottles / Annum THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 23

24 Client information CLIENT INDIVIDUALS: LOW INCOME Households served CLIENT RETENTION RATE 90% Distributor information MICRO-ENTREPRENEUR DISTRIBUTOR 12 local stores ACTION WHAT WHO WHEN 1. Retrofit the existing water filtration facilities to provide good quality, drinkable and potable water from existing groundwater located within the community Gerardo Castro October Validate and agree the business model and operational plan for the venture and agree its development with the ICDT Peter Salmon Carlos Aja González October Set up a legal entity for the venture (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada) with shareholding owned by the ICDT 4. Select and train individuals from within the community to operate the venture Gerardo Castro October 2013 Carlos Aja González November Begin operations December 2013 NOTES THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 24

25 Project four Ichmul Honey cooperative TYPE Cross community business venture INTENT Formulate a Honey Cooperative (initially within ichmul) and invest in the development of a processing plant to improve the overall quality and scale of production, to allow access to new export markets where the product can be sold for greater value than it is currently. Product description ORGANISATION DESCRIPTION Organisation information NAME Ichmul Honey venture YEAR FOUNDED 2014 LOCATION LEGAL STRUCTURE OPERATIONAL MODEL CUSTOMER MODEL SECTOR ACTIVITY Ichmul, Municipio de Chikindzonot, State of Yucatan, Mexico Limited Liability Company (39% Owned by local honey cooperative, 10% Owned by ICDT, 51% Owned by private investment) Production and Processing Business to Business Agriculture Impact objectives MISSION STATEMENT To produce and process export quality honey for export to high value customers in the Gulf States. SOCIAL IMPACT OBJECTIVES Agricultural productivity Employment generation Income productivity and growth Community development (via financial return to ICDT) ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OBJECTIVES Sustainable land use PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product / service information PRODUCT OR SERVICE TYPE PRODUCT OR SERVICE TYPE DETAIL TYPE Agriculture Value added primary production THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 25

26 Product / service information PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PRODUCT LIFETIME UNIT OF MEASURE CERTIFICATION Export quality honey Indefinite Kilograms and transactions Third party product testing Target beneficiaries CLIENT TYPE TARGET BENEFICIARY SOCIOECONOMICS CLIENT LOCATIONS Small to medium enterprises Medium to High Gulf States (UAE, Oman, Dohar) BUSINESS MODEL This business model is based on assumptions and will need to be validated prior to development. Operational Impact Employment - 4 new full time positions Product Impact Increased and stable income to ICDT and honey producers within the Honey cooperative Strategic partners Resources Offer Customer relationship Customer Logistics 4 employees (1x Bulk export Quality, volume Muslim company management, 3x quality honey and supply households in Gulf states production production at Gulf States honey brands &distribution) competitive Honey prices processing plant Capabilities Channel Processing plant Gulf states management & honey brands maintenance Logistics Expenditure Capital - Processing plant, bottles and transport Income Contract volume sales Operational - Electricity, Maintenance and servicing, Salaries THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 26

27 BUSINESS MODEL NOTES 1. Produce an export quality honey that can be sold in bulk to offshore honey distributors where it is branded for sale to local consumers. 2. Create a producer cooperative and (annually) fix the market price for processed honey in the cooperative communities. Allowing producers to join the cooperative from communities outside of Ichmul. 3. A processing plant, logisitics and marketing will be owned by a Limited Liability Company with a mixed shareholding including the producer cooperative and private investment. 4. Long term - added value honey brands can be developed. FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Income statement EARNED REVENUE OPERATING EXPENSE GROSS PROFIT NET INCOME CURRENT ASSETS TOTAL LIABILITIES US$500, US$177, US$322, US$219, US$150, US1650, OPERATIONAL IMPACT Governance & ownership GOVERNANCE POLICIES BOARD OF DIRECTORS Social policies CODE OF ETHICS CONFLICT OF INTEREST POLICY FINANCIAL STATEMENT REVIEW SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY TO FINANCIAL SERVICES CLIENTS Environmental policies BIODIVERSITY ASSESSMENT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Check for any environmental contaminants Allocating human and financial resources in the protection of the Meliponicultira native bee populations and mayan honey making culture THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 27

28 Governance & ownership ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Environmental performance Yes - policy developed to manage environmental impacts on product quality and environmental impact of the operation WASTE PRODUCED # tones of waste produced Employees PART TIME EMPLOYEES 4 FULL TIME WAGES US$25, EMPLOYEES TRAINED 4 PRODUCT IMPACT Quantity and reach UNITS OR VOLUME PRODUCED UNITS OR VOLUME SOLD UNITS OR VOLUME EXPORTED SALES FROM EXPORTS PURCHASE CONTRACTS Quality and performance PRODUCER PRICE PREMIUM Supplier information 80 tn / annum 50 tn / annum 50 tn / annum US$500,000 (Based on a sales price of $10 / Kg) 1 / annum 1.5 (based on sales per Kg) SUPPLIER INDIVIDUALS: RURAL 200 PAYMENTS TO SUPPLIERS: RURAL US$125, (Based on a fixed annual price of US$ 2.50 / Kg for members of the honey cooperative) US$ (The Honey cooperative would also receive annual dividends of up to US$85,000, depending on what percentage of earnings is retained) ACTION WHAT WHO WHEN 1. Validate the viability, market size and value of honey in the Gulf states. Peter Salmon October 2013 THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 28

29 2. Validate the capital and operational costs of creating a honey cooperative and processing facility to export grade. Peter Salmon Carlos Aja González October Understand the quality of the honey varieties and potential sales value 4. Develop a business plan with detailed financial models for investment. 5. Seek government support for capital expenditure and capability building. Peter Salmon January 2014 Peter Salmon January 2014 Peter Salmon January 2014 NOTES THENEXTPLAYS IS 2013 PAGE 29